Treatment Options

There are a range of possible treatments for Glaucoma, depending on the severity of disease progression. Treatments aim to reduce eye pressure by aiding fluid to drain from the eye. Physicians decide which treatment is best for a patient’s individual condition. Treatments range from medical drops to more invasive procedures such as Trabeculectomy (a small opening made inside the eye to allow fluid to drain out) or traditional drainage devices. For some patients, medical drops are no longer enough to control the progression of Glaucoma, or multiple medications are required making compliance more challenging.

Implanted MIGS device

Microinvasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS) is the fastest growing treatment option for patients with mild to moderate Glaucoma. MIGS procedures use tiny incisions in a very short procedure to implant a microscopic-sized device which aids in the drainage of fluid from the eye. By reducing the pressure in the eye, this often reduces or even eliminates the number of medical drops that the patient needs to take, while still controlling the progression of the disease. MIGS devices have an increased safety profile as well as faster recovery times compared to traditional surgeries.

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