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MINIject video

STARflo video

“An Eye Opening Update on MIGS”

Webinar held 7th May 2020, chaired by Dr Ike Ahmed

Where Do We Stand with MIGS?

7th May 2020, Dr Ike Ahmed

How Can We Leverage the Power of the Supraciliary Space?

7th May 2020, Dr I. Paul Singh

The MINIject Next Generation Supraciliary Device

7th May 2020, Dr Ike Ahmed

Results of STAR-I and STAR-II trials

7th May 2020, Prof. Philippe Denis & Prof. Julián García-Feijoó

Q&A and MINIject Next Steps

7th May 2020, Dr Ike Ahmed

Introduction to MINIject

One year results of MINIject in STAR-I trial

WGC 2019

Supraciliary Space is a promising space

WGC 2019

Supraciliary Space overcomes shortfalls of other outflow pathways

WGC 2019

Supraciliary Space – a space or device issue?

WGC 2019



Corporate Presentation