STARflo implant

The STARflo Glaucoma Implant is a precision-pore implant made from STAR® material. It is designed to operate as a bleb-free, micro-porous drainage system to reduce intraocular pressure (IOP) in patients suffering from open angle glaucoma by increasing the eye’s natural uveoscleral outflow.

Serving as the predicate device for MINIject, STARflo has exhibited all the advantages of the STAR material such that it conforms to the eye anatomy, and benefits from sustained drainage efficacy over time due to bio-integration of surrounding tissues into the material. This reduces the incidence of fibrosis, minimises scarring, and increases implant durability. The use of peri-procedural Mitomycin-C is not required.

STARflo implant
STARflo implantation

STARflo implantation is achieved through an ab-externo surgical procedure that is derived from trabeculectomy, the most common glaucoma filtering surgery.

Results demonstrate that STARflo and the STAR material are effective in reducing IOP and reducing the number of medications used by patients.

The STARflo feasibility clinical study was completed in 2012 leading to CE-Marking approval. A European multi-centre study is currently in progress. Final results are expected in 2020.