MINIject’s data presented at Ophthalmology Futures Forum

CEO Michel Vanbrabant will present positive outcomes for iSTAR Medical’s MIGS device MINIjectTM in over 130 glaucoma patients at the Ophthalmology Futures Forum today.

Positive outcomes for iSTAR Medical’s MIGS MINIject shown in trials of over 130 glaucoma patients

Pooled data confirm excellent safety and efficacy profile with very low rate of reintervention

Journal of Glaucoma published MINIject six-month clinical data

Successful primary endpoint results of MINIject in the European clinical trial STAR-II have been published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Glaucoma. The data confirm that MINIject met the study primary endpoints with over 75 percent of patients reaching prospectively defined success.

iSTAR Medical nominated for BVA Award

iSTAR Medical has been selected as one of three nominees for the 2020 BVA Award “Venture company of the year”. The Award is organised by the Belgian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association to reward and celebrate high-performing Belgian companies backed by private equity or venture capital funds.

First truly biocompatible MIGS implant from iSTAR Medical shows consistently outstanding efficacy in patients with glaucoma

Two-year final results from STAR-I trial and initial data from STAR-II European trial tout MINIjectTM as a highly promising treatment.